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“Working together for a greencompetitive and inclusive Europe”

Objective 1

Evaluate the gap between the actual and expected levels of digital knowledge and skills of faculties in Romanian and Icelandic HEIs for future digital educations, with particular focus on SNSPA and UoI, using two studies in 16 months.

Objective 2

Enhance human capital value in HEIs, designing a new item of evaluation the digital competences to be implemented in employment and promotion criteria in 18 months.

Objective 3

Facilitate the closure of the gap by offering a sample guide and two training courses (Start and Advanced) for digital education and the documentation to be certified in 24 months.

Objective 4

Transfer advanced knowledge about the digital education from UoI to SNSPA and INCSMPS in digital education and research tools, for about 20 faculties, and create a group of trainers for the proposed training programs.